As we steer our way through an ever-changing world, which is defined by volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity, this report bears witness to our determination to take action by means of practical initiatives at Environment, Society and Governance level.

In 2023, we consolidated our financial recovery. This demonstrated the suitability of our corporate strategy, which is based on strong local roots, as well as a range of high added value solutions. It is vital that we maintain this performance, as it underpins our ability to continue investing in updating our facilities and making them even more reliable, and environmental initiatives, while developing our employees’ skills and enhancing their well-being.

We are delighted to present Prayon's second global sustainability report, reflecting our commitment to leading the way towards sustainability and circularity in phosphorus chemistry.

This report introduces new features such as stakeholder mapping and a materiality matrix, demonstrating our strong commitment to transparency and the commitment of everyone to sustainable practices.

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"This report is an invitation to find out more about our efforts, challenges and success stories as part of our quest for a sustainable future. It reflects our determination to work for the well-being of our employees, customers and the communities around us. Together, we can continue to move forward and design a better world for future generations."
Geoffrey Close
“Our achievements show how determined we are to create a more virtuous economy, in which every resource is valued and every process is designed with respect for the environment.”
Olivier Vanderijst

Our CSR policy is rooted in our corporate values, is based on 14 pillars, and contributes to the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals.

Our pillars

These are the 14 pillars of our CSR policy, which cover all the activities of our industrial group.


These are the 14 pillars of our CSR policy, which cover all the activities of our industrial group.


Overview of the Prayon Group’s CSR Policy

Each of our values is linked to a group of pillars, which define Prayon’s approach. The Circular Economy, Energy Transition, Environment & Biodiversity, Safety & Well-being, Risk Management and Competitiveness pillars are included twice, which highlights our priorities.

Various Sustainable Development goals (ODD) are associated with several of our values and pillars, which reflects the reality of our industrial activities and strategic priorities.

Overview of the Prayon Group’s CSR Policy