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Prayon forges sustainable and profitable partnerships for everyone involved, builds relationships of trust with its employees, partners and works with them according to a modern, authentic and professional approach.

Contribution of this pillar to the Sustainable Development Goals

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Our key indicators
Our initiatives
Our achievements in 2023

Our key indicators

  • Percentage of meetings of the works council and Committee for Prevention and Protection in the Workplace that took place compared to the number of meetings scheduled;
  • Number of solidarity and support initiatives implemented by the company during the year.

Our initiatives

Prayon respects the freedom of association all over the world and encourages individual/collective social dialogue at its subsidiaries. Prayon has established procedures for this purpose, as dialogue forms part of the values that it applies as much as possible.

Prayon’s commitment to dialogue and collaboration goes beyond compliance with social legislation and regulations in the countries where the Group operates. It also involves employees and external stakeholders:

Prayon employees :

  • Maintaining high quality social dialogue via the established bodies (Works Council and Committee for Prevention and Protection in the Workplace);
  • Signature of agreements with social partners;
  • Regular internal employee surveys focusing on well-being;
  • Working towards a healthy work-life balance (working from home, etc.) subject to production and safety requirements;
  • Regular information for employees;
  • Training focusing on new tools and procedures.

External stakeholders:

  • Commitment of the Prayon management to combating slavery and human trafficking;
  • Checking that subcontractors comply with legislation and regulations (ensuring that pay conditions are in line with industrial pay scales and declared employees), access to sanitary facilities, canteens, etc.;
  • Regular dialogue with local residents, public authorities (district/municipal, regional, federal/national) and emergency services;
  • As part of its support for associations and clubs, Prayon aims to encourage young people by providing training and enabling them to access culture and sports.

Our achievements in 2023

  • Meetings and sharing of ideas between employees and management at twice-yearly “Meet’In” events and an annual strategy meeting, as well as meetings with the trade union delegation and management association;
  • Supporting employees :
    • At the Engis site, a forklift truck has been adapted for a person who had suffered an accident away from the workplace. He was no longer able to use the accelerator pedal. It was fitted with a hand lever so that the operator could retain his position within the organization;
    • Supporting employees with the digital transformation;
    • In order to support its employees with changes to the SAP management software used by the company, Prayon has implemented a “change management” and training plan for the changeover to S/4HANA;
    • During the energy crisis period, Prayon supported its employees by paying a one-off “energy” bonus to all its employees;
    • At Engis, a non-profit organization has been set up to manage the solidarity fund. The fund is intended for employees, workers and people who have opted for early retirement but still pay contributions, based on a list of benefits and allowances. In 2023, interventions were recorded for long-term sickness, workers returning to work part-time due to medical grounds, industrial accidents, permanent incapacity and serious illnesses. These excellent initiatives, which aim to help people facing difficult times, are fully in line with our values. After all, we all live together!
  • Supporting education and training :
    • Our IT departments offer IT equipment to schools, such as laptops, desktops, tablets, servers, switches, firewalls, wifi antennae, etc. This hardware is no longer used by Prayon due to its performance but perfectly suitable for administrative use. This is an example of smart circular economy. In this way, the Les Roches site has helped the Lycée de Saint Romain in Gal and the University of Grenoble Alpes IUT 2 in Vienne, while the Engis site has supported the Jean XXIII school in Liège;
    • Prayon regularly organizes visits to its facilities for students. This enables us to share our passion for phosphorus chemistry. For example, students working towards bachelor degrees in engineering at the University of Liège visited the Engis production site, while chemical engineers from the KU Leuven Faculteit Industriële Ingenieurswetenschappen – Campus De Nayer visited the Puurs site. These visits gave them an opportunity to learn about our everyday applications, sustainable solutions and cutting-edge technologies, the Prayon super filter and safety awareness;
    • Prayon has privileged partnerships with the HEC Liège (management school of the University of Liège) and the “Liège Créative” forum of the University of Liège;
    • As it did last year, Prayon supported the faculty of applied sciences of the University of Liège by awarding a prize for the best final chemistry thesis;
    • The Les Roches site is able to allocate some of its “adjustable tax” to local projects. This year, all of this tax was allocated to the professional college in Roussillon, which specializes in chemistry. The interns present at the site come from this school;
    • The Bex site supports the “École Suisse de Vitrail et Création”, which is a unique facility dedicated to glass and art;
    • Prayon also contributed to an event organized by the Fondation pour l’Enseignement, which aims to build bridges and reinforce partnerships between education and the world of work. On this occasion, Philippe Bertin (Chief Corporate Services Officer) emphasized the contribution made by companies, via the foundation, to major challenges by providing general, manual, technical or digital training courses, in order to guarantee a prosperous future for the adults of tomorrow;
    • When the IFT (Institute of Food Technology) opened in Chicago (USA), a team from Prayon ran 5 km in order to raise money and support study grants for students hoping to work in the field of food science.
  • Supporting organisations:
    • Prayon is part of the non-profit organization “Engironnement”, which joined forces with the district of Engis and Culture Center in Engis, in order to launch a participative project with the aim of creating a social space next to the Wauters school on the main street in Engis that is used to access the site. The Wallon Minister for Housing, Local Authorities and the City, Christophe Collignon, also visited the Fagnes intergenerational space, which was completed with support from the association. These are excellent examples of how the authorities work with 14 Engis-based companies and local residents. Other projects are in preparation, including phase 2 of the facade restoration project on Rue Joseph Wauters and an urban forest located on land owned by Prayon, which was made available to the local district (+/- 10000 m²);
    • Prayon also sponsored the Centre Communal des Jeunes d’Engis (youth club), which has taken up the challenge of cycling to Ostend from Liège;
    • The Bex site has supported “Les Rencontres Bellerinnes”, an association that represents and creates links between local businesses, artisans, artists from the region and the Swiss Workshop for the Blind and Visually Impaired;
    • Instead of giving its customers presents at the end of the year, the Bex site has decided to support the “Montheysanne” association, which aims to help women suffering from cancer;
    • Puurs has supported the non-profit organization HeartSaver, which is committed to providing  external automatic defibrillators (EAD) for schools in Flanders. The goal is install as many of these devices as possible outside schools – which can be accessed 24/7 – in order to improve cardiac safety not only in schools, but also in the neighboring residential areas. This donation has made it possible to install an EAD at the Sint-Jan primary in Willebroek;
    • Two colleagues at the Puurs site took part in the Run-Ruisbroek 725 race. This project was led by students of the Karel de Grote high school who were assigned the task of organizing a charity event. Some of the registration fees were transferred to the NEKTARI company, which provides tailor-made individual daytime or residential support for people with disabilities;
    • Toys-for-Tots campaign: during the Christmas holidays, employees at the Augusta site worked hard to contribute to the “Toys-for-Tots” campaign of the US Navy Reserve Corps. Any donations made by employees were doubled by the company. Since 2006, Prayon and its employees collectively donated more than €23,013 in gifts and money;
    • Every year, the Augusta site organizes a service week, during which it comes together to celebrate teamwork between the different departments. In 2023, “Autism Speaks” was selected as a charity, as this cause has deeply affected several employees with children who have the condition. The employees, with equivalent contributions from the company, raised the remarkable sum of €4,212 for this association;
    • Prayon opened its doors at the Engis site to children from the Saint- Georges-sur-Meuse district, as part of the “Place aux Enfants” day, so they could learn more about chemistry. The children’s eyes were filled with wonder when they entered the world of chemistry at the different workshops prepared by the R&D teams;
    • The Engis site has sponsored the local mountain bike club and the Amay football club in Engis, which hosts our annual football tournament, as well as the tennis/padel tennis courts in Mosa where our afterwork sports activities are held. Bex has supported the regional FC Saint-Maurice football club, where one of the site’s employees serves a coach during his free time. Puurs supports the FC Volharding Wintam-Eikevliet youth team, for which some of its employees’ children play;
    • Giving blood: 3 times per year, the Red Cross bus organizes a session at the Engis site so that workers can give blood during their working day, without having to travel anywhere. 1,900 bags of blood have been collected between 2001 – 2023.
  • Supporting culture:
    • Tax Shelter: Prayon supported the documentary “After the rain” by Jérémy Parotte and Quentin Noirfalisse about the dramatic floods in July 2022, which seriously disrupted the Vesdre valley in the Liège region, as well as the “Verdi Concert” conducted by Zubin Mehta and produced by the Royal Opera of Wallonia;
    • Prayon sponsors the Theatre of Liège, in order to give deprived children an opportunity to take part in theater activities and the Liège Museum of Metallurgy, which welcomes a number of schools;
    • The Puurs site sponsors the Kalfort Ommegang committee. Since the 17th century, every year, the people of Kalfort have carried a statue of Our Lady of Tears through the streets. In 1988, this procession was transformed into a prestigious event with support from Prayon;
  • Collaboration with authorities and administrations: for example, the Augusta site has worked with the local fire service, emergency medical services and 911 emergency service, in order to improve response times when emergencies occur;
  • Collaboration with companies: for example, the Prayon site at Les Roches works with about fifteen companies on the chemical platform created by the Rhône Poulenc Group and later Rhodia. These companies share the same DNA, as well as similar needs and problems. Specialist meetings are organized on a regular basis in order to share good practices. Occasionally, joint training sessions are held. For employees working for the platform, the companies circulate applications from any employees’ children who may be looking for internships.
  • We communicate openly and with kindness
  • We interact in a modern, authentic and professional way
  • We are inclusive and we encourage a healthy work-life balance

Our contribution to the

  • We continuously strive for efficiency, effectiveness and quality
  • We innovate to excel
  • We approach every challenge as an opportunity to go the extra mile

Our contribution to the

  • We communicate openly and with kindness
  • We interact in a modern, authentic and professional way
  • We are inclusive and we encourage a healthy work-life balance

Our contribution to the

  • We communicate openly and with kindness
  • We interact in a modern, authentic and professional way
  • We are inclusive and we encourage a healthy work-life balance

Our contribution to the

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We continuously strive for efficiency, effectiveness and quality

We innovate to excel

We approach every challenge as an opportunity to go the extra mile

We aim

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We commit to long-term value creation for our entire ecosystem

We build trusted relationships with our people and our partners

We aim

We communicate openly and with kindness

We interact in a modern, authentic and professional way

We are inclusive and we encourage a healthy work-life balance


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